OST Variances (On Stranger Tides)

"On the off chance that this does not go well for me, I would like you to note it-hearing now-that I am fully prepared to believe in whatever I must, and be welcomed into that place where all the "goody-goodies" want to go once they pop their clogs. Savvy?" ~ Captain Jack Sparrow

Jack has a new look for his Pirates of the Caribbean sequel On Stranger Tides. This page is a brief review of those changes:

Wig and Hair Dangles (front)

  1. "Hidden Mickey" coin set made up from two separate Chinese coins (purchase) (location)

  2. Banjara tassel that some have suggested is a vintage belly dancing tassel or an earing.

  3. Silver dread cuff. (location)

  4. Tibetan charm made from two wooden skulls. (purchase) (location)

  5. The bottommost tie on the right side has a small silver manor skeleton key (purchase) attached to it.

  6. Broken bone or wood piece (top of his old reindeer bone?)

  7. Kuchi Dangle

  8. Zombie Finger (New Piece of Eight), Zombie Finger Piece of Eight - Chinese "jia qing tong bao" coin (purchase) plus a small red bead (purchase), Zombie Finger Piece of Eight - Silver barrel butterfly bead (can purchased from Gems and Knots)

  9. Chinese war-state lampwork bead (or sprocket beadwith white spots) on the left side dread. (location)

  10. Sailor's Ring

  11. UNSEEN OST African Trade Strand (The blue bead now no longer has spots on it)

  12. UNSEEN On the blonde dread is his familiar blue wave coin

  13. Jack has several feathers (Preserving a feather) through his braids and dreads along with several colored ties.

  14. UNSEEN Button -similar to the picture, but instead with square holes (location)

  15. UNSEEN Unknown Roman coin?

  16. UNSEEN Vintage clock key (location)

Jack also has several new twisted braids. The "effect" can be made with a modern-day device called a hair twister. Conair makes a popular one.
Another "newish" item is the sleight change in the African trade strand. Jack also appears to have two small hoop earnings in his left earlobe.

Wig and Hair Dangles (back)

  1. In the back pony tail is an Ethiopian Coptic cross stylus,

  2. Two scalloped Pya coins and a gungaroo belly dancing goli.

  3. At the rear/side of his wig, Jack has a new silver voodoo coin (location)


Brocade Waistcoat

With the new On Stranger Tides look, Jack is now sporting a new silk dark blue waistcoat with a gold/champagne filigree pattern. (1) (2)

Here is the full pattern recreated by a fan Scott Williams for reference, but as it stands, the actual fabric has not been found. The new OST Buttons can be purchased at Textile Garden (TGB1002)


New Anamaria Buckle & Second Flintlock

A new brown Queen Anne Flintlock (reference), tucked into a new "thicker" Anamaria belt buckle.

Shrunken Head

Jack also wears his "Mum" shrunken head. (ref photo from touring costume display)

Sailor Tattoo

Another varience is the fact that the new OST Jack now sports "Johnny Depp's" Jack tattoo. This version is a mirror image of the one Jack has previously worn, the wings are filled in darker and there is a black smudge on his arm to cover the name.


Jack still wears the dark Kohl under his eyes and a new "x" shaped scar on his right cheek.

Judge Jack

At the very beginning of OST, Jack is dressed as a British Lord, here are a few ref pics of Jack's "Judge" costume. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8


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